I Heart Oxford

About 3 weeks ago I saw a tweet on my timeline about an evening food market in Oxford. Wonderful I thought, but it was on a Thursday night. Now, seeing as we don't get home until 18:30 most evenings, we rarely go out during the week.
However, this particular week at work had been really stressful so I thought why not do something different and go to the market.
We went straight after work as we're only about 30 minutes away from Oxford. After parking and a short hop on the bus we arrived!
After working in the city (a long time ago) for many years I'm quite unsure how I'd never seen or heard of this place. It was like we had been transported to some magical little place, one with cobbled pavements and pretty lights...ahhhh!

Here are a few pictures from the evening.



I saved the best till last. This hot dog....BEST HOT DOG EVER.


I was planning on doing an ootd but I ended spilling the delicious sauce down my top. The stain still won't come out of the top but I'm not upset because the hotdog was sooo good!

Much Love


  1. OMG! That hot dog looks amazing and the lights are so pretty! xx


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