Plus North Shopping


You know when you say to yourself "I'm not going to buy anything today'', well, this is exactly what I said to myself and to Mr C before I walked in the venue.

I failed within 30 minutes of being in the there. Why, I hear you ask? £1 pants from Curvy Kate! Before I knew it a couple of bras were purchased along with few other items.

Beautiful scarves from Topsy Curvy

I think these are number 40/41, just rough guess as I haven't counted my scarf collection in a while!

I also couldn't resist this gorgeous necklace from Chunky Cat Cuddler. I looked at it once and told myself if it was still there when I went back I would definitely have it!

Nicola who runs the online store was lovely and had so many beautiful pieces of jewellery for sale, it was heavenly!

If you went to Plus North did you buy anything?
Much Love


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