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Back in August my sister got married, lovely wedding and wonderful party, the best part however was when she told me that she going to LA for her honeymoon. Immediately I thought oh, how quickly can I get my shopping list to her!

These are some of the goodies that she brought back for me.
This week I finally tried the Anastasia Brow Wiz.

I had seen this in many a beauty video on YouTube and heard so many good things about it so I asked my sister to pick one up from Sephora for me so could see whether it is actually worth the hype!
I finally used this today as I had time to sit do my makeup without being a in rush. So, let me keep this review short, it's really good, much better than what I expected.

I have been using a brow powder from MUA which is pretty good, but I find that you do have to be quite light when applying it. The brow wiz has a really fine pencil at one end which allowed me to fill in the gaps with light subtle strokes and a brush at the other to brush them into a nice defined finish.
It is quite expensive, you can buy it from Cult Beauty for £15.50. It is worth the money? In my own honest opinion,yes. This is one item that will definitely be on my repurchase list, I've tried so many products to try and create the perfect brow and this, well it's like I've won the eyebrow lottery!
Have you tried the Brow Wiz?
Much Love


  1. Oooooh! I'll check it out! There's nothing more underrated than a perfect brow! x


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