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A few weeks ago I had an email pop up in my inbox about the Bloggers Love Hub. It sounded really interesting so I registered my details for a place.

I decided to leave early to make sure that I got there in plenty of time, it was in a part of London that I have never been to before and it was only the third time I had been to London on my own! I thought the event would be a good opportunity to meet some other bloggers and get used to travelling and doing things on my own. I still really struggle talking to new people and going to places on my own so I thought going to an event like this would really push me outside my comfort zone and help build up my confidence a bit more.

So off to my destination, all going fine until I get to Chauncery Lane tube station and started walking. Then I was lost, ughh, queue major panic and phone calls to Mr C. I almost got a taxi back to a tube station to go home. After a few minutes of trying to calm down I decided to look at the map and find the venue again. Would you believe that I had only turned right instead of left and I was only a 10 minute walk away! grr!

I finally arrived at 16.50, 50 minutes after it had started! I didn't let this faze me though. When I walked in I was surprised how dark it was and hot, like super hot!

There were a few different brands dotted all around the 1st floor. The first one was Slendertone, it's not something that really interests me so I didn't stop. There were also a few clothing brands but they didn't go up to a plus size, I still had a quick look and a chat, it never does any harm does it!

There were a few brands that really caught my eye. One was Nadia Minkoff, they had a table full of bags and jewellery, my eyes almost popped out of my head!

There was an area where you could sit and chill out, after getting lost and having tired, sore feet I was so glad to see this.

I also had my hair put up in a messy up do thanks to the team at Umberto Gianni.

I have to apologise for the lack of pictures, it was really dark in the venue and I didn't want to blind people with my flash!

On the way back I stopped at Oxford Circus again to have a look at the lights and to have a quick stop in Kiko. I picked up the most amazing lipstick which I will be blogging about soon!

It was a really good event and, although it was small, there were some really interesting and new (to me) brands. I also got a chance to talk to people and hand out my cards. I even got chatting to some fellow bloggers, there were quite a few people on their own as well so I didn't feel out of place. The events will be back in February for LFW, I can't wait for that!

Did you go to any of the events?

Much Love




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