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We still seem to be having the odd burst of summer, last weekend in particular was wonderful but unfortunately I know that will be over very soon!

Wingz* are a great addition to the wardrobe that allow me to take lots of summer items and make that transition to winter much easier. They are also a great option if, like myself you have days when you are not feeling comfortable about showing your arms.

These are the black full length fitted stretch Wingz. There are lots of different styles on the website. Putting it on was pretty easy, think of it like a t-shirt with a few pieces missing, the front part sits underneath your boobs with the back sitting slightly higher.

 Here are 3 ways I wore my Wingz!




These will be a very useful, especially in the colder months, addition to my wardrobe.

Have you tried Wingz?

Much Love



*item was sent to me for review but all opinions are my own.


  1. Ooh, I love these uses. Looking good! xx

  2. They are an alternative to shrugs, cardigans and boleros that offer women arm coverage without the added bulk of an extra layer. Love them!


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