Christmas Day Outfit Part 1

Welcome to part one of my Christmas Day outfit choices. I don't know about you but I quite like to dress up on the day, something smart but comfortable is always a winner for me.
This is the *Collette dress from Taking Shape.

I picked this dress as the print was so pretty, perfect for Christmas Day but I could also wear it on New Year's Eve or add a cardigan over the top for a little more of a casual look the weekend.
As always I was really happy with fit of the dress. If you haven't tried a dress from Taking Shape then I highly recommend that you do, go to a store if you can. They always fit really well especially around the waist and hips, I have quite big hips and sometimes getting a dress that fits is hard to find.

My necklace is also from TS. I will be doing a review on the ones that I bought very soon!
There was nothing in my stocking yet but I'm sure another dress would fit in there (hint to Mr C!)
Part 2 will be on the blog soon!
Much Love
*This item was sent to me for review but all opinions are my own.


  1. What a lovely dress! And the necklace looks perfect with it. x

  2. Looking gorgeous Nat and the necklace suits you perfectly. xx


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