Review | Nars Creamy Concealer


Since I started watching You Tube beauty videos and reading beauty blogs my interest in make up has certainly increased. There are a few people that I watch and read that I'm happy to purchase an item off on the basis that they have given a good, and in my opinion, honest review.

There was one item that I umm and ahhhd over, I kept asking myself, could a product really be that good?

The item in question was the Nars creamy concealer. I was wary at first, £21 for a concealer and going on reviews from say so on the internet.

Was it worth it? Yes and no.

The colour match is perfect, the thick consistency allows for good coverage on my dark circles and blemishes. I use a small real techniques brush to apply it and then blend it in with a beauty blender. The result is a really lovely glow to my skin, almost like I'd been in the sun for a few hours. I like to leave it like that but if you don't like the glowing, shiny look then a light powder is needed on top.

The downside? I didn't feel like it lasted as well as some other concealers I own. Towards the end of a working day I had a quick look in the mirror, I got a bit of tissue and wiped it over my cheek where I have a scar and nothing came off! There was a small amount under my eyes still but I could have done with touching it up. Maybe I do need to try the powder, so I will give this a go one day.


Overall I'm still impressed with this product, I love the little glow it gives to my skin, a bonus for these winter months. Maybe with a bit a powder I can improve the staying power. And the price, well, I think it could be cheaper but then again you pay for you get, a high end brand and good quality.

Have you tried any Nars products?
Much Love


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