Work Wednesday | The Print Clash

Recently I have been struggling with outfits to wear to work. Everyday I seem to reach for the same items, vest top, cardigan, skirt or trousers. Whilst it's nice to be ready in 10 minutes I feel like I'm not putting all the lovely clothes that I have in my wardrobe to good use.
I know that this jacket has been on the blog already, but I'm kind of obsessed with it now. When I first purchased it I let it sit in my wardrobe for months as I was scared to wear the print, now I can't stop wearing it!

I paired it with this stripy top. It's actually a cropped top from Primark, it was only a £1 so I thought if I don't like it at least I haven't wasted too much money! The sleeves were quite tight on the tops of the arms so I just cut them off to make it into a vest top, perfect for my black and white print clash!
Top - Primark
Jacket - Sainsburys
Trousers - Yours
Shoes - H&M
Much Love


  1. I love this look and I love monochrome pattern clashing as it still all matches. You look fab. xx


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