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I had a perfect start to the morning last weekend,  I woke up really early (before 7 thanks to Mr C!) and took the opportunity to have a little pamper time. I haven't had some me time for a few months so this was much needed. As Mr C was still snoring away, what better way to make use of a quiet hour or two?

I started off with a long hot shower, weekday mornings usually consist of me literally rolling out of bed and going for a very quick shower to wake me up. So, for a change I took my time and it felt so good!

I 've been using Sanex on and off for a couple of years now and I would highly recommend it.  The scrub of you life is definitely my favourite body scrub, a little goes a long way. I tend to use a bit extra on my legs to get them super smooth and plough away all the dead skin.

Next up I used an old favourite, the Schwarzkopf Gliss total repair shampoo. I use this occasionally when my hair gets super dry. I purchase it from Poundland, for something cheap and cheerful it works really well. Then I used this L'Oreal conditioner and left it on for around 10 minutes, yes, I had a good long hot shower!

I'm currently trying to decide which face wash to use next. I've recently finished my Soap & Glory Peaches and Cream but now can't decide whether to go for Elemis or La Roche-Posay.
I remembered that I had these* samples that I got from the Bloggers Love Hub event that I went to last November and decided it was a good time to try them out!
I must admit I had never heard of the brand before so I was pleased to get some samples to try.
The cleanser has a really pleasant smell to it, definitely lemon with a hint of sandalwood as mentioned on the packet. It came out as quite a runny gel, I'm used to something more thick. So when I poured this into my hands it went everywhere! It did leave my skin feeling really clean without that horrible tight feeling that you can get with some face washes.
I woke Mr C up from his lay-in to take these photo's - nice of me wasn't it!
The balancing toner was my least favourite item. I didn't really feel like it made much of a difference to my skin at all, but to be fair, I don't really use toners so I don't have anything to compare it with.

 Last of all I used the repairing serum, this product for me was the stand out item. Again, it was difficult to use out of the packet and I had too much, luckily Mr C was there so I managed to talk him in to trying some too! Because I had so much on my face it took a few minutes to rub it all in, but once I had finished, my skin felt so good that I went without moisturiser and my skin was still soft by the end of the day. This is one product I would definitely purchase.
Mr C then went back to bed, clearly traumatised by me putting a skincare product on his face, he doesn't normally do skincare at all.
I also managed to paint my nails, watch some YouTube and read a magazine in between all of this!

We then went out for breakfast and had a lovely day, making the most of a rare sunny Saturday!
Much Love
*Gifted samples


  1. Wow you manage to get a lot done before breakfast!!! :) I'm such a night person that I hardly woke up until at least 12, so I never does my body routine in the mornings. I always tend to it in the evening. I've never heard of that body scrub from Sanex and I'm always on the look out for a good scrub so I will try it. :) This weekend is supposed to be beautiful so I'm going to manage to get out of bed before lunch time and make the most of the time instead. :)


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