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Spring is almost here, finally, and I am pretty happy about this. As much as I like cuddling up inside with Mr C, with a cup of hot chocolate, I can't wait for longer evenings, the sight of daffodils and taking blog photos outside in the garden again!

In the meantime I have purchased a few things to brighten up inside and outside the home.

I always buy my flowers from Aldi because they seem to last for weeks! I usually pop some lemonade or some sugar in after a week to keep them fresh and pop them in a simple vase in the hallway to add a pop of colour.

I also got these cute little fake plants from Dunelm as I couldn't find any real ones that would be small enough to fit on the window sill. They were £1.99 each and add a nice contrast to the bright flowers next to them.

We only have a couple of wall lights at the back of the house and, because we have no street lights, any ways that we can find to brighten up the garden is useful.

These lovely solar ice tower lights* are a great addition to the back garden. I usually get cheap and cheerful solar lights from Poundland, they are good but not as bright as these ones. The stainless steel make these ones feel really durable and long lasting for all year round. The tops are made from frosted glass which makes them quite heavy but once they are in the ground they are solid, not moving anywhere!

Night time!

I also got these great bulb planters from Lidl, I wrote about these last year and I was really pleased to see them in store again. They are so easy to plant, just dig a hole big enough, take off the lid and pop the base with the bulbs in the ground and cover! It takes around 6 weeks or so for the flowers to bloom but they are really pretty so it makes the wait worthwhile!

Are you looking forward to Spring?
Much Love
*Item gifted for review but all opinions are my own


  1. Yup I love winter but Spring must be my absolute favourite season :)


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