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On Saturday I did something that I hadn't done for awhile....I woke up early! Thanks to Mr C forgetting to turn off the alarm clock I was wide awake by 6.30. Normally on a Saturday I have a lay in until around 9.00am. So rather than going back to sleep I lay there thinking and getting my thoughts together, Friday was a pretty rubbish day, I got some unexpected news at the end of the day which wasn't great but reminded me to be thankful for a lot of things in my life.

Around 7.15 I got up and decided to have a nice long shower, give my face a good cleanse and have a little pamper time! I will be doing a blog post on this because there are some products which I'm really loving at the moment.

We had no milk or bread in the house so I persuaded Mr C to take me out for breakfast!



After breakfast we stopped in the local town for a wander around, there are no clothes shops so there was no new purchases for me!

On the way home we stopped to take some photos. I kept it quite casual as I knew that we were going to do quite a bit of walking.

I'm still in love with these jeans from New Look, they are really comfortable and because of the high waist they sit really nicely over my bum shelf!

Cardigan - Gap
Vest Top - Asda
Hat - H&M
Jeans - *New Look
Trainers - Converse
Scarf - Topsy Curvy
Mr C wanted to get in on the OOTD action so here he is!
Jacket - TK Maxx
Jeans - Gap
Trainers - Nike Outlet
Once we got home the sun was still out so I made the most of it and took lots of blog photos. Then it was film and fajita night. We watched Bad Neighbours, has anyone else seen it?
I hope you had a nice Saturday!
Much Love


  1. I've seen Bad neighbours I really enjoyed it but i like that kind of humour. Looks like a truely perfect Saturday

  2. I love that scarf and it looks amazing with the white and denim. xx

  3. What a wonderful morning! Lucky for you that there was no milk or bread, LOL. The countryside looks amazing as well as your casual look.


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