Review | Elemis Fresh Skin

For me, whenever I have a trip to TK Maxx I rarely come away empty handed. I don't know what it is about the store but it seems like everywhere I look there is always something to entice me and help me part with my pennies!
Last year I picked up this Elemis skincare kit. I had never seen anything from Elemis in my local TK Maxx before so I was quite excited when I saw this. I really like the products, especially when I go for facials or massages. I literally picked this up and ran (ok, fast walked) to the till and parted with £7.99 (I think!).


Now, if I read the packaging properly before rushing off to pay I would have found out that this is actually a beginners skincare kit for teens - early 20s. Now, let's not pretend here, I'm clearly a few years past this age bracket (sob sob). I didn't let this deter me though and I still gave it a try.
So far I've tried the purifying face wash and the moisturiser and they are both ok. I found the facewash a little harsh as it ended up leaving my skin quite dry the first time I used it. The moisturiser left my skin nice and matte to begin with but, after an hour or so, I was back to my shiny face!

I wouldn't use it as part of a daily skincare regime so I've decided use it in my travel bag. I know that all the items will definitely get used up as we have a few weekends away planned over the next few months.
Lesson learned - always read the labels!
Have you tried any Elemis products?
Much Love


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