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Back in November I thought that I would take a trip to the Kiko store whilst I was London. I think I first heard of the brand whilst I was watching an Essie Button video on YouTube.
The store itself is small and at 17.30 in the evening it was very very busy, even though it was cold outside I managed to develop a few beads of sweat within a few minutes of entering the store.
I had a quick look around the lip section and gave the rest of the shop a miss when I realised that I would have to go downstairs, I was already hot and bothered after being in London for most of the afternoon.
These are the products that I bought

This lipstick caught my eye immeadialty, I have no idea why! Maybe it was the sparkly or the unusal colour. Anyway it's not as scary as it looks, a quick swatch on my hand in the store confirmed that.

It's actually a really nice light purple colour with lots of sparkle, definitley perfect for a night out. Unfortunately the colour on it's own makes me look washed out so I have wear a dark lip colour and then add a bit of this over the top to get a colour I'm happy with.
Next up was this lip gloss pencil. I have never come across a lip pencil that is also a gloss so I had to give that a try. This is another purple but slightly darker than the lipstick above, it had a slight sheen to it without having that sticky gloss feel. The staying power isn't so great, I do have to keep re applying it but for colour that I think really suits me I'm happy to do that.



The final item is my least favourite. Its the long lasting lip marker in red. When I swatched this in store one of the store assistants came up to me and told me to wipe it off straight away or I would be left with a mark all evening, she was right, the stain stayed all night. I wore it last weekend to test it out.
First of all it's very strange to apply, I did one stroke on my lips and it came out all smudged and blotchy. It also feels very much like you are drawing with a felt tip on your lips, the same feeling as when you did it at a young age!
Within 10 minutes of wearing it my lips felt so dry, to try and combat this I had to dab a small amount of Vaseline over the top before they turned to sandpaper. After 4 hours, more Vaseline and then lunch, I had to wipe it off, though most of it had come off anyway. I don't want it to go to waste so I'm going to use it under my favourite red Rimmal lipstick.

Have you tried any products from this brand?
Much Love


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