Style | Date Night with Daxon

Monday, 30 March 2015 | 2 comments


It's been awhile since Mr C and I went out on a date night, well actually a fancy date night! I had a new outfit that I wanted to wear so I persuaded Mr C to take me to one of our favourite local restaurants.

Good old burger and chips!
What I wore:

I kept it nice and simple for the evening and wore an old favourite skirt of mine from New Look. I'm really trying to get in the habit of using some of my old items, so many items get forgotten about and then end up in the back of the wardrobe!
ohhh I just hovered this rug!
This shirt from Daxon* was the perfect accompaniment to this skirt. The material has a crepe feel to it which means it lightweight and comfortable on the skin. There isn't much stretch or elastic in the bottom of the shirt so if you want a more loose fit size up. The back of the blouse is slightly longer which I really liked. I can definitely see this working well with a nice pair of skinny jeans for a more relaxed look.
The front of the blouse does sit quite low so either wear a nice bra, a nude bra or a light vest top underneath. I'm wearing my Daily Boost bra from Curvy Kate in Nude, my all time favourite!
Top - Daxon*
Skirt - New Look (Old)
Shoes - Primark (old)
Lipstick - Kiko
Much Love
*Item gifted for review but all opinions are my own*

Review | My Little Box

Friday, 27 March 2015 | No comments


Last week I received my latest My Little Box, the theme of this one was the 'Superbox'. It's all about women being, well, basically super! Oh and a few hero products.

First item I pulled out the box was the t-shirt. Now I'm not a great fan of one size fits all clothing items, most of the time they don't actually fit everyone do they! I managed to get the t-shirt on which surprised me, it's a little snug so I think I will be wearing it as a pyjama top.
I love opening up the little drawstring bag to see what beauty products are in it, this time I was too slow and Mr C opened it up for a sneak peek!

Inside there was a caudalie hand cream, Keratase hair conditioner and a My Little Beauty lips and cheeks pencil. I am definitely looking forward to trying the hair conditioner, I've read some good reviews about this brand and I really like the L'Oreal shampoos/conditioners. I'm going to put the hand cream in my bedside cabinet, my hands are always dry by the time I'm go to sleep, I don't know why! Anyway, once I've tested both I'll do a review.
Ok, so the lip/cheek pencil is a definite no-no on me, the colour is far too peach for my skin tone. It's really bright on me, I could put myself in the garden at night and my lips would be glowing in the dark!
I tried it on my cheeks as well but I think I may have used too much and I ended up looking doll like! Ughh! I think this is one for the back of drawer which is a real shame.
I am slightly disappointed with this box but still not enough to cancel, the cute packaging has still got me hooked! Let's see what's in next months box!
Much Love

OMCZ | The Return!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015 | 3 comments


It's been awhile but the OMCZ challenge is back! I have missed doing it as I love having the challenge of putting something together from my wardrobe depending on the theme. It made me use a lot of items that were just sat in the wardrobe with the tags on or ones that I had forgotten about!

Date 25th March 2015
Theme: Patterned Legs 

Steph wrote:
I've recently bought my first pair of patterned leggings and had a few comments about being brave to wear them. It got me thinking about this challenge. For this challenge I'd like us to cover out legs in patterns. 

This could be tights, leggings, trousers, skirts, dresses, marker pens, Anything you like as long as your legs are in some way covered in a pattern. 

Show people patterns look great on the bottom half of our bodies. 

 I bought these trousers a few weeks ago in the New Look sale. I think I first saw Becky from Mrs Bebe Blog wearing them and they looked really good on her. Other than these, I don't actually own any patterned trousers. I am very self conscious of my thighs so always wear black trousers. It was really nice to step out of my comfort zone.

Cardigan - Gap (Old)
Vest Top - New Look (Old)
Trousers - New Look
Trainers - Converse


Don't forget to check out the other ladies taking part!
Much Love

Style | It's a denim thing

Monday, 23 March 2015 | No comments

I'm so happy that Spring is almost here. Those dark evenings are starting to disappear, daffodils are coming out in force and I'm ready to pack away the jumpers, well almost!
Jeans are becoming my go to item for casual weekend wear, versatile enough for the chilly days and cold nights. So when Fashion World got in touch asking me if I wanted to review their new 360 jeans, I was more than happy to.
I went for the straight leg jeans, I'm usually a boot cut girl so it was nice to try something different. Simply Be described the jeans as having a 360 degree fit with amazing new four way stretch. This revolutionary denim has been expertly crafted to fit perfectly to your curves wherever they may be - and stay that way.

I've worn these jeans about 4 times now and really like them. They are very fitted, so I would suggest sizing up one from your normal size for a more comfortable fit. Even though they fit like a glove, they are not tight. I can still sit down, walk and stretch, which is essential for picking up my shopping bags of course!

Getting ready for the stretch test!


I was going to touch my toes but then I saw a spider by my foot!
My only issue with the jeans is that the waist is too low, after doing my stretch test I found myself having to pull them up. If these jeans had a higher waist they would be the perfect slim jean!
You can find the jeans here.
Much Love
*Item gifted for review but all opinions are my own*

PS Bloggers Love Day

Friday, 20 March 2015 | 2 comments


Today the lovely Debz over at The (Not so) Secret Diary of a Wannabe Princess has declared a whole day of PS blogger love. I very nearly missed out on this as I didn't set myself a reminder to send her an email...ooopps! Luckily Debz emailed a few days later with all the info about the day!

Over the past few weeks there has been a few ups and down in the PS blogging world. I'm not a lover of negativity so I try not to let it get to me, I'm a firm believer in if you are doing something that you enjoy, carry on! As long as you are not hurting people, doing something illegal or dangerous then do what pleases you, life is short, enjoy it before you get six under. There will be people who love you and those who love to hate to you, as Jay-Z said ''either love me or leave me alone'' ok, so I'm not saying that you have to tell every blogger/person you love them but a little love goes a long way, right?!

My blogger to show some love to today is:

Lucia from


So my first memory of Lucia is back in 2013, I had seen a tweet about a plussize event in London, wondering what it was I sent an email and received one back to say it was the launch of Pink Clove. A few days later Mr C and I set off to London. To say I was nervous is the understatement of the year, I thought my heart was going beat out of my chest. Anyway, the first people I saw were Debz, Lucia and Leighanne so I hung around outside until I saw them go inside and then I scuttled in afterwards!

Picture at Pink Clove taken by Lucia
This is one of my favourite outfit posts from Lucia.
If you haven't seen this photo yet go and check out Lucia's blog, how amazing does she look in this dress!!

The dress, make-up and hair....perfect!
Don't forget to check out the #PSBloggerLove today on Twitter and share the love!
Much Love

Work Wednesday | The Maxi

Wednesday, 18 March 2015 | 1 comment

On Friday's we have dress down day at work, but technically it's not, as we can't wear jeans (anything denim, t-shirts with slogans etc!) arrrggghh!
I always find it hard to find an outfit for Friday so I usually end up wearing black trousers and a simple top, I'm still hoping that I will find a nice pair of more casual trousers that will become my 'Friday' go to pair.
So, enough rambling, this is what I wore on Friday. I bought this maxi when we went to Devon last year, it's from Gap. I usually stay away from trousers and skirts in there as most of them look like they would fit one of my legs and definitely not both.
The skirt is definitely a firm favourite of mine. It's made from a lovely soft brushed cotton material and has an elasticated waistband. The length is just spot on for me, brushing the tops of my feet and not the floor, hurrah!

Cardigan - Primark (Old)
Vest Top -Primark
Skirt - Gap ( No longer available)
Trainers - Converse
Much Love

Sunday Style | With the family

Monday, 16 March 2015 | 1 comment

Yesterday in the UK we celebrated Mothering Sunday. I had been looking forward to it all week, especially after my brother said that he was doing a big roast! The lure of goose fat potatoes and homemade Yorkshire puddings was enough for me, and of course to see my lovely mother!

Homemade cakes from me and Mr C!

Mothers day flowers in abundance!


 My brother and his family have a lovely garden, so I asked Mr C if he wouldn't mind taking some photos of my outfit. I placed a big order with New Look last week and was waiting for an opportunity to wear some of the items. I chose this jacket, yellow knit top and jeans all paired with my favourite flats from H&M. It was the perfect sunday outfit, warm, cosy and comfortable. I'm already in love with this jacket and know that I will get plenty of wear out of it.

Top - New Look
Jacket - New Look
Jeans* - New Look
Shoes - H&M (Old)

After dinner hide and seek! Did I win....ermm no!
I hope you all had a lovely Sunday!
Much Love

Style | When it all goes wrong!

Friday, 13 March 2015 | 2 comments

The sun has been making quite a few appearance over the last few weeks so I've taken it as a sign to get out and take some outfit photos!
I bought this jacket from our local New Look store a few weeks ago and have fallen in love with it! Over winter I found myself gravitating towards black, white and blue so I thought it was time to inject some more colour into more wardrobe ready for Spring.
Looking for a dry patch on the ground!
Eyes closed and hoping not to get blown away!
I almost didn't put these pictures up because I wasn't entirely happy with them. Unfortunately, even though the sun made an appearance, it was a super windy, muddy and cold day to take the pictures. My jacket kept blowing open, my skirt was bellowing around me, my t-shirt was tucked in too much, the list was never ending! To top it all off I stood in a huge mound of mud.....with my grey shoes on! At first I was really annoyed that the photos didn't come out well but then I was like, what the hell, and laughed it off!
Jacket - New Look (Not on line)
T-Shirt* - New Look
Skirt - Gap
Shoes - H&M (Old)
 This is definitely going to be a new go to weekend outfit for me, what do you think!?
Much Love

*Denotes gifted item for review. 





Work Wednesday | Running Late

Wednesday, 11 March 2015 | No comments


Every week is the same, 6.00am alarm goes off, snooze, back to sleep, repeat until around 6.40am when Mr C is practically dragging me out of bed, I think it's safe to say that I am not a morning person!

So, I would pretty much say this is my go to outfit on a Monday morning.

Jacket -Pink Clove (Old)
Necklace - Chunky Cat Cuddler
Vest Top - Primark
Trousers - Yours Clothing

Nice, simple and easy to throw when  I have about 10 minutes left before we have to leave the house!

Do you have a go to easy to throw on outfit?
Much Love

Mothers Day with Parkdean Holiday Parks

Tuesday, 10 March 2015 | 1 comment

Mothers, the lovely woman that went through the immense pain of childbirth to bring us into this world (as they like to regularly remind us). At a young age (and embarrassingly even when we are older) wipes our snotty noses and, with nothing more than a tissue and a bit of good old spit, clean our mouths and faces! They play nurse by cleaning and dressing our cuts and bruises. When we have sickness, diarrhoea and all other manor of gross things they are there to clean up the mess and nurse us back to health (even if too much drink was the cause). They put up with those numerous stroppy teenage moments, deal with our heartbroken tears, hormonal rages, the 4 am 'can you pick me up from ...I don't know where I am' calls and then finally you grow up...................... or so they think!
What is my mum like? Funny, huggable, tough and she can still scare me with THAT stare! We've had our ups and downs through out the years, like most mother/daughter relationships. But one thing has always been true, she has always been there when I needed her and I wouldn't change her for anything. 
I have so many amazing memories from over the years, from riding on the back of our old bike to play group, sharing fish and chips in the car just for the fun of it and then our random shopping trips to London, midweek trips to Selfridges at 15 and seeing their beauty hall which always equalled a great day out!


Thanks to Mum I get my hair done!

Being Superwoman and helping us move!

Sunday afternoon chats with Mr C
Do I think my Mum is one in a million, yes she is!
This Mother’s Day, UK holiday park provider Parkdean is giving thanks to each and every ‘Mum in a Million’.
They are currently offering appreciative children a weekend away with mum at one of Parkdean’s award winning holiday parks. They want to hear from sons and daughters why their mum is truly a ‘Mum in a Million’, by telling them on their website.  
So if you want to win a treat for you and your mum enter the competition and give her a Mothers Day gift to remember!
Much Love
*Written in collaboration with Parkdean

Style | Junarose Dress

Monday, 9 March 2015 | No comments

I got a discount code from ASOS and, unsurprisingly, I went shopping! Usually I'm good but my willpower was weak and this is why.
Mr C had said that with a wardrobe full of dresses, why did I need another one? Hmmmm, he obviously doesn't yet understand that a woman can never have too many dresses!
I've had my eye on this dress for a few weeks now, I kept putting it in to my online basket and then removing it, I was trying to be good and not spend anything but suddenly I had an urge to purchase a few things and this was one of them.
I love the blocks of colour on this dress especially the pops of neon yellow on the collar and sleeves. I think it is definitely going to be a work wardrobe staple for me. The material is quite thin and clings slightly around my stomach, you can see the outline of my tights, but that doesn't worry me at all.

The length is just right on me, stopping at the knee, I'm not comfortable with anything that's shorter than that.
That's Mr C taking the photos!
Leggings - Tu at Sainsburys
Boots - Dorothy Perkins (Old)
 Have you tried anything from Junarose?
Much Love

Ayana Jewellery | Review

Friday, 6 March 2015 | 3 comments


Back in December I blogged about lovely company called Ayana Jewellery and their beautiful handmade jewellery.

It's no secret how much I love a good necklace so after having a good browse on the website I decided it was about time to add another to my collection.

I went for the gorgeous interlinked silver necklace. I'm always drawn to large statement pieces so I thought it would be nice to go for something a little more subtle and delicate.

Lovely isn't it!

The circles are hand made from sterling silver and attached to a delicate silver chain. You can choose the length of your chain, I went for the 40cm.

I do have my eye on this necklace for next time, I think the meaning behind it is just wonderful, or if Mr C wants to buy me a present (cough cough!)

Much Love