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At the beginning of February an email popped in my inbox from Bobbi Brown Makeup wishing me a Happy Birthday and offering me a chance to have a complimentary make up lesson at one of their counters. Normally I would have deleted the email and carried on as normal but over the past year I have started to get back into make up, so I thought it would be nice to learn some new tricks.

We somehow managed to get up bright and early on a Saturday and made our way to Milton Keynes. The first two stores we went into didn't have BB counters, so after checking on his phone, Mr C found there was one inside John Lewis at the other end of the shopping centre.


After walking the length of  the Shopping Centre, we found the counter and I managed to get an appointment for 5pm that same day, a bit late but it wasn't a problem as it meant extra shopping time!

When we went back I was greeted by the lovely Alicia, the MUA who was going to do my lesson. She asked what look I was after and what I currently used. I explained that I already had the BB cream and concealers so wanted to concentrate more on eyes and lips.

Alicia was fab, before she used anything on my she checked the colour and asked if I was happy to try it. She ended up doing a full face which was amazing, I was really impressed with the final look and the fact that she was informative and patient. She also wrote down which products had been used in case I wanted to purchase anything at a later date.

I ended up coming home with the following items:

And here are a few photos from the day, I only had my iPhone so apologies for the quality.



I would highly recommend having a lesson if you are new to using makeup, not feeling that confident or are just after some new ideas. I'm looking forward to trying out the new products, look out for a blog post with swatches and reviews soon!

Much Love


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