Mothers Day with Parkdean Holiday Parks

Mothers, the lovely woman that went through the immense pain of childbirth to bring us into this world (as they like to regularly remind us). At a young age (and embarrassingly even when we are older) wipes our snotty noses and, with nothing more than a tissue and a bit of good old spit, clean our mouths and faces! They play nurse by cleaning and dressing our cuts and bruises. When we have sickness, diarrhoea and all other manor of gross things they are there to clean up the mess and nurse us back to health (even if too much drink was the cause). They put up with those numerous stroppy teenage moments, deal with our heartbroken tears, hormonal rages, the 4 am 'can you pick me up from ...I don't know where I am' calls and then finally you grow up...................... or so they think!
What is my mum like? Funny, huggable, tough and she can still scare me with THAT stare! We've had our ups and downs through out the years, like most mother/daughter relationships. But one thing has always been true, she has always been there when I needed her and I wouldn't change her for anything. 
I have so many amazing memories from over the years, from riding on the back of our old bike to play group, sharing fish and chips in the car just for the fun of it and then our random shopping trips to London, midweek trips to Selfridges at 15 and seeing their beauty hall which always equalled a great day out!


Thanks to Mum I get my hair done!

Being Superwoman and helping us move!

Sunday afternoon chats with Mr C
Do I think my Mum is one in a million, yes she is!
This Mother’s Day, UK holiday park provider Parkdean is giving thanks to each and every ‘Mum in a Million’.
They are currently offering appreciative children a weekend away with mum at one of Parkdean’s award winning holiday parks. They want to hear from sons and daughters why their mum is truly a ‘Mum in a Million’, by telling them on their website.  
So if you want to win a treat for you and your mum enter the competition and give her a Mothers Day gift to remember!
Much Love
*Written in collaboration with Parkdean


  1. Mum's the Word! They are so special. My mum was all about hugs. So I always pass that a long.


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