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It's been awhile but the OMCZ challenge is back! I have missed doing it as I love having the challenge of putting something together from my wardrobe depending on the theme. It made me use a lot of items that were just sat in the wardrobe with the tags on or ones that I had forgotten about!

Date 25th March 2015
Theme: Patterned Legs 

Steph wrote:
I've recently bought my first pair of patterned leggings and had a few comments about being brave to wear them. It got me thinking about this challenge. For this challenge I'd like us to cover out legs in patterns. 

This could be tights, leggings, trousers, skirts, dresses, marker pens, Anything you like as long as your legs are in some way covered in a pattern. 

Show people patterns look great on the bottom half of our bodies. 

 I bought these trousers a few weeks ago in the New Look sale. I think I first saw Becky from Mrs Bebe Blog wearing them and they looked really good on her. Other than these, I don't actually own any patterned trousers. I am very self conscious of my thighs so always wear black trousers. It was really nice to step out of my comfort zone.

Cardigan - Gap (Old)
Vest Top - New Look (Old)
Trousers - New Look
Trainers - Converse


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Much Love


  1. Looking fabulous Nat! Love the photos. xx

  2. Patterns are a bit scary at times to wear. When you select a color palette that is harmonious with solids then it works. Looks like you got it! Nice choices.

  3. I love these trousers and I really regret not buying them when they had them in!!! Thanks for taking part. I really have missed this challenge xx


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