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Last week I received my latest My Little Box, the theme of this one was the 'Superbox'. It's all about women being, well, basically super! Oh and a few hero products.

First item I pulled out the box was the t-shirt. Now I'm not a great fan of one size fits all clothing items, most of the time they don't actually fit everyone do they! I managed to get the t-shirt on which surprised me, it's a little snug so I think I will be wearing it as a pyjama top.
I love opening up the little drawstring bag to see what beauty products are in it, this time I was too slow and Mr C opened it up for a sneak peek!

Inside there was a caudalie hand cream, Keratase hair conditioner and a My Little Beauty lips and cheeks pencil. I am definitely looking forward to trying the hair conditioner, I've read some good reviews about this brand and I really like the L'Oreal shampoos/conditioners. I'm going to put the hand cream in my bedside cabinet, my hands are always dry by the time I'm go to sleep, I don't know why! Anyway, once I've tested both I'll do a review.
Ok, so the lip/cheek pencil is a definite no-no on me, the colour is far too peach for my skin tone. It's really bright on me, I could put myself in the garden at night and my lips would be glowing in the dark!
I tried it on my cheeks as well but I think I may have used too much and I ended up looking doll like! Ughh! I think this is one for the back of drawer which is a real shame.
I am slightly disappointed with this box but still not enough to cancel, the cute packaging has still got me hooked! Let's see what's in next months box!
Much Love


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