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The sun has been making quite a few appearance over the last few weeks so I've taken it as a sign to get out and take some outfit photos!
I bought this jacket from our local New Look store a few weeks ago and have fallen in love with it! Over winter I found myself gravitating towards black, white and blue so I thought it was time to inject some more colour into more wardrobe ready for Spring.
Looking for a dry patch on the ground!
Eyes closed and hoping not to get blown away!
I almost didn't put these pictures up because I wasn't entirely happy with them. Unfortunately, even though the sun made an appearance, it was a super windy, muddy and cold day to take the pictures. My jacket kept blowing open, my skirt was bellowing around me, my t-shirt was tucked in too much, the list was never ending! To top it all off I stood in a huge mound of mud.....with my grey shoes on! At first I was really annoyed that the photos didn't come out well but then I was like, what the hell, and laughed it off!
Jacket - New Look (Not on line)
T-Shirt* - New Look
Skirt - Gap
Shoes - H&M (Old)
 This is definitely going to be a new go to weekend outfit for me, what do you think!?
Much Love

*Denotes gifted item for review. 






  1. I have days like this too. I love your smile in the last photo! xx

  2. I love these photos as you can see your personality shining through especially with the lovely smile in the last one x


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