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There is always one item that I will put on everyday whether I'm wearing make up or not and that is lipgloss/balm.

The Lancôme juicy tubes will always be a favourite of mine, I've used them for quite a few years now and love the glossy look they give without being too sticky. My least favourite was the MUA one, I wore it for a few hours (with a few applications in between), took it off and I was left with sore lips, the next day I woke up to a rash around my lips! This one is now in the bin.


Lipsticks are still quite a new thing for me. I never used to wear them as I hated drawing attention to my face. My favourites are the Mary Kay (far left) and the MAC one (in the middle) in Riveting Rose.

I recently purchased the Soap and Glory Great Kisser whilst it was on sale in Boots, I'm already a fan of Smooch Operator so thought I would give this a go, if you have tried this let me know your thoughts on it? I've been using the Baby Lips each night before bed and it's great, really sinks into lips overnight and keeps them soft. It's also good to use as a base under matte lipsticks.
I recently did a review on the Kiko products, you can read that here. I've also included my favourite lip pencil from MAC in Cork, sometimes I wear this on it's own with a bit of clear gloss over it.

The only time I ever use a lip brush is when I'm applying red or bright lipsticks, I love getting a nice outline when putting on a red lip and I find that brush always helps.

So that's my collection and some of my favourites. Do you have recommendations for new lipsticks or glosses to try? Let me know.

Much Love


  1. Really enjoyed reading this post :) I never seem to use any lip brushes, I really need to invest in some! x

    Jordan Alice


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