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Have you subscribed to My Little Box yet? Still deciding on whether you want to? I thought it would be a good idea to do a review on some of the products from 3 boxes that I have received so far.
As much as I love these boxes, the cute prints and quirky little gifts inside get me every time, I think it's important to make sure that you are happy with the products that you have received before continuing with a subscription.
The Beauty Bits

I haven't used blotting paper since I was a teenager, I remember they were an essential along with my clear mascara, lip balm and bright nail polish! I tried these quickly one evening after work, I wasn't wearing any makeup and my face was looking a bit oily so I dabbed one on my nose and forehead. It appeared to soak up some of the oiliness, the paper turned dark after using it so I assume that means it was working! I wouldn't use these everyday, but I have put them in my everyday makeup bag in case I run out of powder.

For me the L'Oreal Brow Plumper was the most disappointing item. I normally just brush my eyebrows in the morning and that's it. After my Maybelline Brow Drama disaster I have not found anything decent to keep my brows in place, if you have any recommendations please let me know!

Anyway after putting it on in the morning (around 7.15) I had a horrible shock when I looked in the mirror a few hours later, and it wasn't from the extra grey hair appearing! The 'plumper' had dried and left flaky white bits in my brows, on my face and even a bit managed to travel up to my hairline! Seriously, it looked like someone had sprinkled dried glue over my face! If that wasn't bad enough, I was a glutton for punishment and decided to try it again the next day, but no, the same thing happened again! The only good thing about it was that it didn't leave my brows feeling dry and solid.


These are the two items that I haven't tried yet. I think they are both the most expensive to buy full size. I've read excellent reviews about the L'occitaine so I will do a review once I'm less scared to open the jar!

My three favourite items:
The body lotion is just delicious, the scent is so strong and spicy, you can definitely smell the ginger in it, which only becomes more intense as you start rubbing it in. A definite pick me up for those cold mornings!
The embelliseur teint de peche, or peach cream as I call it, scared me at first when I tried a sample on my hand. It is really peachy in colour but, after putting it on my face and rubbing it in, it gives a nice warm glow, even without any makeup on my skin looks, ummm, peachy!
The lipstick, ahh, such a pretty red colour. It is not too intense, so it will work well in the coming spring/summer time. It feels so moisturising as well, like having silk rubbed across your mouth or how I would imagine it would be!

Last of all the two odd ones. The facial spritzer, which is meant to invigorate you during the day, totally didn't work on me. I still wanted to fall asleep at my desk after giving myself a liberal spritzing in the office. It's not a total fail though, I've decided to use it on my beauty blender to dampen it before I blend out my foundation, so all is not lost! The Talkia moisturiser, I've tried this about 4 times now and I can't decide whether I like it or not, give me another week and I'll be back with an update!
The items that I love
My iPhone (5) sits in here perfectly, no more scratched case for me!

The calendar, prints and quotes are hanging happily on my ikea unit.

The little jar of quotes is on my beside cabinet, I don't look at one every morning, I can't think straight at 6.00am so I normally read them in the evening before bed.
I also saw this idea from Carrie at Cazmosworld. I thought it was an excellent way to use the little bags. I have one with makeup and then the other has paracetmol, tissues, etc
I hope that's helped you decide if you want to subscribe to My Little Box. I will still be keeping my subscription, I've used most of the products and overall I'm really happy with them!
Much Love


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