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Time for another OMCZ challenge! This month the theme is shopping trip.

Steph wrote:

The next theme has a more of an open feeling to it. No specific items or patterns to showcase. Just show us what you'd wear to go shopping.

This is inspired by the shopping trip to Birmingham organised by the lovely Nikki. Knowing what to wear on a shopping trip in the colder months can be a challenge. You want to be warm enough when you are outside but as soon as you go inside not be too hot.

What do you wear? Maybe it's your PJs for a midnight dash to the supermarket or maybe it's full on glam or somewhere inbetween?

I haven't been shopping since I went to Birmingham so here I am in our local Sainsbury's with Mr C doing the weekly shop!

Is that cakes I spy over there??

This is the same outfit that I wore when I went to Birmingham to meet some of the lovely PSbloggers ladies. The only difference is that in Birmingham I had on my purple jacket underneath this coat, big mistake! I was so hot at one point I thought I was going to pass out! Underneath I'm wearing a short sleeve waffle t-shirt which is just right for this mixed weather we are having at the moment. Not very glamourous but very very comfortable!

No Mr C, you are not having any of my popcorn!
Jacket - Roger + Rogers
T-Shirt - New Look
Jeans - New Look
Trainers - Converse
Don't forget to check out the other lovely ladies taking part!
Much Love
Becky Brown


  1. You look as cute as a button and I love the photos. xx

  2. Ooohhh, I've got some jacket envy, it looks like it would be perfect all yeah round, love it! x


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