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A few months I wrote about my trip to the Bobbi Brown counter for a makeup lesson. I really wanted to learn a simple eye make up routine that I could try at the weekends. I knew I couldn't come away empty handed and plus it was my birthday so I had to treat myself to a few presents, right?!

These are all the items that I bought and below are swatches. So far I have used the gel liner, very easy to apply and stayed put all day. I got the liner in brown which I actually prefer to black.

This is my favourite product out of all the ones that I bought. It's a lovely gold shimmery shade which looks absolutely gorgeous in the sunshine. When a product says long wear I expect it to stay put pretty much all day and this did what it said. I had it on for around 6 hours and when I got home and took my makeup off it was there, still shimmering away!

Long Wear cream shadow stick - Golden Bronze

Lip Color - Blackberry

I haven't got round to wearing this again after trying it on at my makeup lesson. It is really dark brown so definitely more suitable for an evening look. It is really nice, I love it when I find a lipstick that is moisturising but will also stay put when I'm having lunch.

Gel Eyeliner - Brown

I've always worn black eyeliner so when it was suggested that I try a brown I didn't think it would look good but it did and I was pleasantly surprised! It's great for a subtle daytime look and doesn't show my mistakes like when I use black! I've used this quite a lot since purchasing and it's now one of my favourites, a definite re-purchase.

Lip Gloss - Aubergine

This lip gloss was used over the top of the lipstick when I had my lesson and I just fell in love with the colour. It looks like a deep rich purple in the tube but when I put it on it looks more brown and really suits my skin tone. It doesn't feel sticky either. I'm normally a fan of the lancome juicy tubes but I find that sometimes they can be quite sticky, this one felt so good on.
I'm really impressed with the items that I bought, yes, it was quite expensive for all the items but it was definitely worthwhile. If you do get a chance to have a make up lesson at the Bobbi Brown counter then I highly recommend it, all of the items here I would never have picked on my own so it was nice to have advice from someone else.
Have you tried any Bobbi Brown prodcuts?
Much Love


  1. I love Bobbi Brown! I currently only own one BB product (a lipstick), but I would love to buy more...oh well, one of these days when I'm feeling rich! ;) The products you bought all look great. xx


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