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I've been shopping over the last few weeks, not intentionally of course. I blame the weather which is forcing me to get out of the house and towards the shops ahem! This is what I tell Mr C anyway!

TK Maxx

This is one of my favourite shops, it's very rare that I go in here and come out empty handed. Mr C knows that if I ask him to take me there his hands will be full of bags!


I've had an obsession with notebooks since I was young. I love writing lists or ideas and must always have a notebook in my handbag!


I wanted a plant to brighten up the window sill in our office and this caught my eye. It was £6.99 which I though was quite reasonable and its looks good!


I'm not a fan of traditional pen holders so I like to look around for something different. I saw this Pantone cup for £1.99 and thought it would be perfect for all my pens.


I was super pleased to see some Junarose items in my local store. After purchasing a couple of dresses via ASOS from them I wanted a few more pieces to add to the collection. They will be on a blogpost soon so I won't go into to much detail here.


We were passing by Bicester Village so I asked Mr C if we could have a quick wander around, unfortunately it was quite late so we only went into Radley, it's my absolute favourite store there so I wasn't disappointed!

Luggage Tag:

I had been eyeing up all the gorgeous handbags and really wanted one another one to add to the collection, Radley bags are my favourite. But this time I was strong and resisted the temptation, especially as we are saving up to go on holiday. I really like cute luggage tags so got this one ready for when we go away!

Phone Case:

I haven't upgraded my phone yet so, whilst I still have my iPhone 5, I decided to get a new phone cover. This one is a really nice thick rubber material so I can get a good grip on it and not drop it down the toilet which is where my old phone went to!

Have you made any new purchases recently?
Much Love


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