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Back in the day before owning a home, having a super busy job and I was still a singleton, I used to read a lot - whilst eating my breakfast, on the bus to work, at lunchtime and then before bed. I classed reading as a hobby because it's what I done in my spare time (amongst other stuff, not a total book worm!).
This year I have set myself a target to read all the books in the picture below.

A few of the books here have been sat on my bookshelf for months, one I think over a year!

The first book I'm reading is Recipe for Scandal. It covers the lives of three woman all from the same family and then from what I have read at the back there are a few twists along the way, all is not what it seems! I'm only on the 2nd chapter so once I've finished I will be back with a review and let you know which book I will be reading next!
Can you recommend any good books to read?
Much Love


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