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My sister knows me so well, on her recent travels to the USA she picked me up this lip gloss as she knows how much I love a good lip product!

I had never heard of the brand Buxom until she got this gloss for me. From what I can tell it appears to be only available exclusively in Sephora in the US. There is an array of colours on the website, I know that if I had to choose whilst standing in Sephora it would have been a very long wait!

All the glosses have female names, my sister saw the 'Natalie' and got it for me. I was happy to see it was red, one of my favourite lip colours. However, even though it appears really bright  in the tube, it's more of like a hint of red. It's great as I like a subtle wash of colour for the day but I would also use it over my favourite matt lipsticks.

Another thing about the gloss is that it is a lip plumper. I'm not a fan of these types of glosses at all, it's not quite as tingly as the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker which feels like I've rubbed my lips with a millions polo mints, this is more like the effect of a Polo Mint rubbed over the lips. Despite that it gives a really nice sheen to the lips, not too sticky and long lasting as long you don't eat, drink or kiss!

You can take a look at the products on Sephora here and buy them from Amazon here.
Have you ever tried anything from the Buxom range?
Much Love


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