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For one of my Christmas presents last year, Mr C kindly brought me a lovely Kate Spade handbag. Along with jewellery, bags are my favourite things to buy and I now have quite the collection that has grown over the years.

I wanted to do a review of the bag for anyone that might want to purchase one. I always like to have a look around for reviews on handbags that I am going to purchase, especially the ones that are slightly more pricey.

First of all the bag comes in a lovely dustbag. I always keep my handbags inside their dustbags when not in use, it definitely helps protect the leather. The Kate Spade bags also have a lovely little quote on them.

The actual bag is leather with gold hardware. The leather is lovely, very soft and supple. I always protect my leather bags with leather cream. I just rub on with a cloth to keep them soft and stop them getting ruined in the usual UK bad weather and also to make them generally last longer.

Inside there are 3 pockets, one large zipped and two small open ones. There is just enough space to put a few bits of makeup, my phone and keys. I try not to put too much stuff in the bag, it really can ruin the shape. There is also a little zip compartment at the top. This is not a bag that can be overfilled as there is only a magnetic clasp, if it's too full it can pop open. I only tend to take this bag out in the evenings or when I know that I won't be out all day and not taking everything but the kitchen sink with me!

The handle is also detachable so it turns into a clutch bag, which is perfect for evenings out. This will also come in handy on holidays. I have only worn it as a cross body so far, it sits just on my hip and is really comfortable. I hate it when you have a bag like this and it digs into your shoulder, I don't want to be in pain whilst shopping!

I love this bag, much more than my first Kate Spade one which I will do a review on soon. This one is so versatile and I will definitely get lots of use of it!

Much Love




  1. Love Kate Spade bags ... if I get promotion this year I may treat myself to an outrageously bright Spade (from Bicester of course)!

    C xx

    1. Ohhh that sounds like a good idea! I stayed away when I went there at the weekend! x

  2. Ooh, that is so lovely! I love the lining. xx

    1. Thank you Leah! I love the inside too, I just hope it stays clean! xx


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