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After updating my holiday wardrobe we also decided Mr C needed a few new pieces to get him holiday ready!

We thought that it would be so easy to find clothes for him but it turned out to be a bit of a challenge this time. Most summer items seem to be aimed towards younger men, some of the vest tops that Mr C tried on just didn't suit him at all. We did however manage to find a few things so scroll down to see what he got!

Sleevless T-Shirt - These were tucked right in the back corner of the H&M menswear with the rest of the basics. They were an excellent find, Mr C went for an X-Large and a large. The XL is quite big on him so it's perfect for a really casual look by the pool or going to the beach.

One item we didn't really struggle with were shorts. The flower print ones are from gap and are swim shorts. These were from the Gap outlet but if your partner / husband or any male that you know is around a 36inch waist I would highly recommend going to Gap for shorts. The other pairs are from TK Maxx, they also do a great selection for 36/38inch waists.

The shoes were something that we umm and ahhed over for quite a while, it's not something that he would normally wear but Mr C wanted something casual and smart that he could wear in the evenings or for wandering around in during the day. These ones are from M&S but New Look also had great casual holiday shoes.

Finally some casual items, these are perfect for throwing on when you are off to the pool or going down for breakfast. These were all from Sports Direct and were very reasonably priced.

That's all of Mr C holiday staples. Keep an eye out in a few weeks where he will be making an appearance actually wearing the clothes!

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