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I'm having a break today and this cheeky chap is taking my place! Whilst we were out and about a few weeks ago Mr C asked me to take some photos of him to put on the blog. He really liked his outfit that day so I was happy to oblige in a spot of photo taking!

Mr C loves getting any new additions for his wardrobe from Gap, everything in these photo's, minus the trainers, are from Gap. If your husband/partner is a plus size then I would highly recommend a trip to Gap for them, especially the retail outlets. The sizing is generous, Mr C is a 38 waist jean but the ones he is wearing are a 36 waist. He also finds that the t-shirts, polos and sweatshirts/hoodies are comfortable and last for a long time. He literally lives in their jeans outside of work!

Polo Shirt - Gap Outlet
Hooded Jacket - Gap Outlet
Jeans - Gap
Trainers - Nike Outlet

Here is the sun making it's monthly appearance!
Much Love


  1. I love how comfortable and happy he looks in these photos - so adorably cute!

    C x


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