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I've been looking for a white/cream shirt for quite a long time now. I used to wear them all them time and then I got a better fitting bra, now I can't wear any!
When New Look had their sale on I saw this and thought I would give it a go. I decided to go for a 22 to make sure there was enough room across my chest. Unfortunately it doesn't fit that well over the chest but, as it's the perfect length, colour and it's comfortable, I'm still going to wear it!
I decided that I wasn't comfortable enough to go without anything under the shirt as it's sheer so I wore an old gold vest top.

Shirt - New Look
Jeans - Simply Be
Shoes - H&M (old)
Scarf - Primark (Old)
Gold Vest (under shirt) - New Look (Old)
Bag - Kate Spade

Just a random picture from when I was trying Picmonkey!
Much Love


  1. You look fantastic Nat. White/cream shirts are so classy! xx


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