Style | A very small Primark Haul!

I popped into Primark at the weekend. It had been a while since I went in there, I don't have one that is close by, the nearest one is over a half hour drive away.
I wanted to get some flats for holiday but didn't want to spend too much. The striped pair were £4 and the plain ones were £3. These will be ideal to wear during the day with shorts, a denim dress or at night with a nice maxi, just a few ideas!

This hairband was too cute to resist, my reasoning to Mr C for it was that I will need to keep my hair off my face when I get too hot. I wore it on Sunday around the house and loved it, I think it will be worn before I go on holiday!

I also just got a string of  'pearls' just as an addition to evening outfits. I don't want to take too much jewellery with me and I feel like this will go with quite a few outfits.

Have you bought anything new from Primark recently?
Much Love


  1. I love Primark - I always end up spending too much in there! I have some bits and pieces I must remember to blog about and I love those stripy shoes - I see another visit coming up.....:-)

  2. I wish!! If we had Primark here in AUS I'd be there everyday! Love your mini haul! X


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