The Make Up Drawer - Eyes


I didn't want to do just one post of my make-up collection so I have been doing separate posts about each section of my beauty drawer.

Today it's all about the eyes.

These are some of the mascaras from my collection. The fibre lash extend is actually one of my favourites, it was a freebie from a magazine and for me it's definitely better than they're real which doesn't do anything to my lashes, I know I must be the only one! I have yet to try the Soap and Glory but I've heard good things about it.

I rarely use eyeshadow, it's so hard to apply because of my really bad eyesight I literally have to press my nose against the mirror! On the occasions when I do put anything on I always go to my MUA pallet first, all the colours really suit my skintone and I can use it for a day or night time look.

These are all my favourites. I have been using the LancĂ´me Hypnose for quite a few years now and for me personally it is my absolute favourite, it really coats my lashes and gives me the length that I love. The smashbox liner (at the bottom) is amazing! It does stay on all day and does not budge, one end is the eyeliner and the other is an applicator to smudge is out for a more smokey eye look.  Of course my Anastastia brow wiz had to be in there, my number one brow product!

Just a few odd items from the back of the drawer. I haven't tried the elf pencil, eyeko liner and ELF primer yet but the fashion fair eyeliner in blue, yep blue, is a forgotten favourite. The blue is really pretty when I put it on my water line, just a little pop of colour when I'm in the mood for something different!

Do you have a favourite mascara or eye shadow that you would recommend?
Much Love


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