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OMCZ - Bare Arms

Hi! Theme 5 - Bare Arms or Cold Shoulders A lot of people hate having their arms out so lets show them how it's done.   So, for this months challenge it was time to get out the one part of my body that's taken me a long time to love. It's only been around the past 4/5 years that I have felt comfortable enough to wear short sleeve or vest tops. I do have large arms and ''bingo wings'', a term that I don't really like but can't think how else to describe them.   These pictures were taken on a afternoon out near Oxford last weekend. I hadn't been to the area for ages and Mr C had never been so we went for a little trip! It was really, really busy on the day we went so my posing is slightly awkward thanks to one man just staring!     This is an old dress from Taking Shape. I had only worn it once last Christmas so I decided to dust it off and see how it felt in the summer. It is so comfortable and because the black

Beauty | My Little Box

Hi! I'm a little bit late this month with my little box review. Just before I went away I had an email to say that it would be late so it arrived whilst I was on holiday. I've received the July box last week so that post will be coming up soon! The theme of this box was The French Rivera. I was pretty pleased with this box as there was a lot of blue which is my favourite colour! These sunglasses are really lovely but unfortunately it's prescription only ones for me so I won't be able to use them but I'm going find a good home for them.     I don't have any gorgeous succulents to display in these pots so I've used one for my Victoria Secrets body sprays and the other one has a few of my favourite make up items. I will be trying the sea salt scrub and hair conditioner very soon and will do post with my thoughts on them. July is probably going to be last My Little Box for awhile. I have lots of the products to use up and

Lifestyle | A fete day out

Hi! Last weekend was our village fete. Mr C and I love going to fetes, there is great sense of community and everyone is always in good spirits! We did have the traditional games like aunt sally, coconut shy and then an interesting one of bacon 'n' eggs where you literally won an egg and bacon!   I couldn't decide what to wear so I opted for some old items from the back of the wardrobe. These shorts are from George at Asda, they are so comfortable but crease so easily, these were ironed in the morning and after sitting for a hour they were more wrinkled than a prune! My top is from Gap, I must of had this for about 6/7 years, it has lasted so well. This is one of the reasons why I'm happy to buy from Gap as the quality is excellent. Lastly these shoes are becoming a firm favourite, they are from Primark and I bought them when I went to the Oxford bloggers meet up.   Top - Gap Shorts - George at Asda Shoes - Primark   Much Love  

Beauty | Mirror, Mirror on the wall

Hi!   Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and can only see negatives and no positives? I have been doing that a lot recently, sometimes I feel confident, ready to tackle the world and then bam, I have these periods of self doubt.     Most days I keep looking at my hair and debating on whether to dye my hair or not, I haven't got grey hairs - just white, pure white ones growing along with the black ones! I keep checking the mirror everyday for new ones and for any extra wrinkles. Last night I looked at myself in the mirror and decided to be a bit more positive and stop looking for the negatives in myself. I'm taking 3 negatives and turning them into positives:   1. I can't see a thing without my glasses, life is one big blur without them. I used to hate wearing glasses but thankfully design has come a long way. I love wearing glasses now especially these new ones I got a few months ago! Mr C says I look good with or without glasses (well, he would

Lifestyle | Hello Summer

Hi! It finally feels like summer is here right, well an English summer anyway! The sunny days seem to outweigh the rainy days and that makes me feel very happy! Recently I have buying a few summer/holiday essentials. First up is this hat from H&M. I struggle finding hats to fit me, having a big head and thick hair proves to be a nightmare combination. I tried on so many in the store at first, there was one huge wide brimmed one, fitted my head and then I looked in the mirror, the brim was so big I was scared I would knock people out! Anyway this is the one that I chose. I've also got some new nail polishes* to try. My nails seem to be growing really well at the moment so I want to make them look nice. This set is the Hawaii from OPI, you can buy it from here  . There is the perfect combination of colours in the pack, just right for summer. They are also the perfect size for travelling, I usually get shellac on my nails when I'm going away but this time I to

Style | My Holiday Staples

Hi! Hopefully by the time you read this I should be on a beach sunning myself and drinking a rum or two! Mr C and I are off for a nice 10 night break for a little sun and relaxation! I wanted to get a few extra bits for holiday, I still had some items left from last time so I didn't want to go crazy and by tons of stuff. I was looking for a cover up to wear over my swimsuit by the pool. I originally purchased two from H&M, which were beautiful on the hanger but didn't look right when I tried them on so I took them back and got this one from Primark. It fits really well and is light which will be perfect for the heat. I had been looking for some simple t-shirts that I could pair with shorts, skirts or trouser for a smart of casual look. Primark had these t-shirts in a few different colours, I got this stone one and a white (not shown) one, at £4 they fit really well and are comfortable. They are quite thin so a nude bra is needed underneath unles