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Last weekend was our village fete. Mr C and I love going to fetes, there is great sense of community and everyone is always in good spirits! We did have the traditional games like aunt sally, coconut shy and then an interesting one of bacon 'n' eggs where you literally won an egg and bacon!

I couldn't decide what to wear so I opted for some old items from the back of the wardrobe. These shorts are from George at Asda, they are so comfortable but crease so easily, these were ironed in the morning and after sitting for a hour they were more wrinkled than a prune! My top is from Gap, I must of had this for about 6/7 years, it has lasted so well. This is one of the reasons why I'm happy to buy from Gap as the quality is excellent. Lastly these shoes are becoming a firm favourite, they are from Primark and I bought them when I went to the Oxford bloggers meet up.

Top - Gap
Shorts - George at Asda
Shoes - Primark
Much Love


  1. Love a village fete :)

    C x


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