OMCZ - Bare Arms


A lot of people hate having their arms out so lets show them how it's done.


So, for this months challenge it was time to get out the one part of my body that's taken me a long time to love. It's only been around the past 4/5 years that I have felt comfortable enough to wear short sleeve or vest tops. I do have large arms and ''bingo wings'', a term that I don't really like but can't think how else to describe them.

These pictures were taken on a afternoon out near Oxford last weekend. I hadn't been to the area for ages and Mr C had never been so we went for a little trip! It was really, really busy on the day we went so my posing is slightly awkward thanks to one man just staring!
This is an old dress from Taking Shape. I had only worn it once last Christmas so I decided to dust it off and see how it felt in the summer. It is so comfortable and because the black section at the top is a thin mesh material I didn't get hot.
Dress - Taking Shape (Old)
Shoes -Primark (Old)
Bag - Micheal Kors
The view behind me.
Don't forget to check out the other lovely ladies taking part!
Much Love


  1. Ugh, I hate it when people stare when I'm doing photos outside! So rude. You look lovely, btw. xx

  2. You look lovely, the dress is beautiful xx


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