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I had promised myself that I would only buy a duty free perfume on holiday and nothing else! This proved to be quite difficult when I walked into Cave Shepherd, a small dutyfree haven situated in Hastings.

The first thing I picked up were these Victoria Secrets Fragrance mists. I had seen them on many a YouTube haul and wanted a lighter fragrance choice for the summer.

Pure Seduction is my favourite out of all three, a combination of red plum and freesia it really does smell fruity and fresh without being overpowering. This will definitely be a go to day time scent for me.

Secret Charm is a mix of honeysuckle and jasmine and  is a slightly stronger scent, you can really smell the honeysuckle in it which makes it a perfect summertime scent.

Love Spell is a combination of cherry blossom and peach. I never really go for fruity scents but this is absolutely gorgeous, it's like I'm swimming in a pool full of peaches!

I knew that I would come away with at least one duty free perfume. The Carolina Herrera perfumes are my favourites, I already have 212 VIP, 212 SEXY and the original 212. I hadn't seen this 212 Rose in the UK so I had a quick sniff, loved it and swiftly made my way to the till! It does smell quite similar to the 212 Sexy so if you liked that then you will definitely be a fan of this.

I also picked up this Jergens daily moisturiser from the supermarket. I used it years ago after buying a bottle from the US but always struggled to find it in the UK, then it arrived here but now unfortunately it has been withdrawn from sale. I feel like the formula has changed slightly and is not as moisturising, however as I've got this super size bottle I will continue to use it over the summer months until I need something thicker for the winter.

I decided to pick up one of these Maybelline Electro Baby Lips.. The electro just refers to the colour of the balm, it's fluorescent yellow! The balm is nice and makes my lips soft but I don't think I would re-purchase.

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  1. Ooh, I love Victoria's Secret! Pure Seduction sounds amazing. :) xx


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