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Last weekend saw another year of UK Plus Size Fashion Weekend. The first event was back in 2013 and it's founder, Rianne Ward, is also the owner of Evolve magazine.

I wasn't sure whether I would be able to make it first of all but luckily Mr C reminded me that we had some coach tickets that were due to expire! Let me say that the coach journey both there and back was eventful! We made it to London quite early so we had a quick look at Trafaglar square, grabbed a quick Costa and took a few pictures!

It was almost 12.30 so I made my way to the venue and left Mr C to go exploring, he had never been to this part of  London so he was quite happy to come along and go to Buckingham Palace, Pall Mall, and lots of places, he took so many nice pictures that I will be doing a separate post on that next week!

Inside the venue - Pictures taken by Mr C!

Outside the venue I saw the lovely Mookie and Leah which instantly put me at ease. These two ladies are wonderful, funny and such a pleasure to be around, I knew that I was going to have a good day! I also saw the lovely Becky and finally met the gorgeous Caroline and Sarah.

Once we got inside there were a few brands such as Boohoo, Elvi, CurvyKate and Trendy Plus Size. Curvy Kate are my go to place for bras, they fit and last really well. I had never heard of Trendy Plus Size but they had some nice pieces from different brands, the ladies at the stand were really friendly and lovely to talk to.



After looking at so many gorgeous clothes, I need to do some online shopping at Elvi, we headed into the next room to get ready to watch Mookie and Leah strut their stuff on the catwalk!

After that was a Q&;A with various people such as Callie from Corners of the Curve, Jessica Kane, founder of Skorch magazine and Chasity Garner from Garner Style. Callie is one of my favourite bloggers, mixing her love of fashion and food together on her blog.




After this we made our way around the rest of the stands. Unfortunately I came away empty handed, which surprised Mr C, but the fact that I had such a wonderful day made up for it. I usually have a case of the blues on a Sunday night but this time I sat and thought about how happy I am that I started my blog. Prior to starting I felt so out of place amongst my friends who were all small, shopped in places where nothing would fit me and never went into the places that I could shop in, fun hey! It is honestly refreshing and heart warming to see so many woman of different sizes, races, personalities and styles all in one. There wasn't one time that I felt awkard or uncomfortable, a bit nervous but not as much as when I went to my first event!

Love these random shots that Mr C got! I didn't realise he was taking them but as he said he just wanted to capture everyone looking natural and not posing for the camera!

 Picture credit Mookie
I'm looking forward to next year already!
Much Love


  1. It was so lovely to see you and hang out with you again! I love Mr C's candids and the photos from in the hotel, which was stunning, wasn't it? I'm looking forward to next year too! xx

  2. Awww, what a beautiful bunch of gals! The hotel looks amazing ... love a marble ceiling!

    C xx

  3. Thank you for featuring RavenDreams Lingerie and model Indie Fox in your blog! It was a crazy day and a very silly one. Hope you liked the cakes!

    Abi Tyrrell


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