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I have seen so many Lindy Bop dresses and skirts popping up on my Instagram feed recently, there seems to be a lot of Lindy Bop love around at the moment!

There were a couple that caught my eye. The first one is the Annalise Full Circle skirt. This is very much out of my comfort zone, bright colours and pattern are two things that I would try and avoid on my bottom half but, there was something about this skirt that I instantly fell in love with.

I got a size 24 in this skirt but could have easily sized down as it's a bit big in the waist, but I'm still going to wear it! It's made from 97% cotton which meant that it has been perfect for the warm weather we have been having. Even when it's gets colder I'm just going to add a nice thick pair of tights and that's a new update for winter without spending too much money!

Top - New Look (old)
Skirt - Lindy Bop
Shoes - Primark (old)

Trying to twirl in this photo
I'll be reviewing my second purchase in a couple of weeks!
Much Love


  1. Ooh, that skirt is so adorable! The colours look amazing on you. :) xx

  2. Nice. Those shoes really set the tone with that awesome skirt. Pretty


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