Beauty | Project 10 Pan Update

Thursday, 29 October 2015 | No comments

I decided to do a blog post for this update, I will do another video in a few weeks. Today I'm just focusing on the Bobbi Brown items that are amongst the 10 items and at the end I will show you all the products on!
Lipstick and gloss
This is definitely my favourite out of all the BB products. It doesn't dry out my lips like a few other lipsticks that I have. It's a very similar feeling to when I out on the Maybelline Babylips lipbalm but with some colour.

I managed to get through half a day before I had to top up, rather than adding more lipstick I decided to put on the lipgloss over what was left of the lipstick. The lipgloss is another hit, it has a really nice creamy texture to it when it goes on the lips, for me there is nothing worse than a lipgloss that has that horrible sticky feeling. It did come off when I ate lunch but a quick touch up and it lasted for the rest of the afternoon. The colours are both gorgeous, definitely not ones that I would normally have gone for buy I'm really please I have them now.
I like this but I'm not in love with it. It's been quite a long time since I wore a brown eyeliner, I always wear my favourite collection felt tip eye pen. The application is smooth and easy, any slight errors were not as noticeable as when I do it with my collection pen, I usually have a few q-tips at the ready. I enjoyed wearing this during the day to work, it gave a subtle definition to my eyes which I really liked. It's still quite pricey so I wouldn't re-purchase but probably look for a cheaper alternative.
Love. love, love this! Day or night it just works so well. I went for a really thin layer during the day with a bit of the brown liner and then at night I went for a thick black liner. I did put some powder on my eyes before used it just to ensure that it stayed on. I just want to buy more!

Tinted Moisturizer
I am still not a fan of this but, I am going to keep on using it until Christmas eve. I just don't like the feeling of it on my skin and I just end up looking super oily. I will however update again in a few weeks, maybe something will change, who knows.



Much Love

Lifestyle | Fall Favourites

Sunday, 25 October 2015 | No comments


I filmed another video! I'm still getting used to talking to the camera so please bear with me! If you want to take part the question are as follows but I will also leave them under the video.

1. Favourite Fall/Autumn Candle
2. Favourite Lip Colour
3. Favourite Drink
4. Favourite Blush
5. Favourite Clothing Item
6. Favourite Movie
7. Favourite TV Show
8. Favourite Thanksgiving Food
9. Favourite Halloween Costume
Much Love


Lifestyle | An Autumn Day Out

Thursday, 22 October 2015 | 1 comment

Mr C and I had a random Saturday morning. We were bored inside and the day was just starting to brighten up so we thought why not go out, get some fresh air and enjoy the sunshine!

Shall we live here Mr C!?!

This was such a peaceful place!

A tree struck by lightning

I wore this denim look dress from Forever 21. It is so comfortable, I feel like I'm going to get a lot of wear out of this, not just in winter but in all seasons.
Dress - Forever 21 (not on the website)
Leggings -Sainsburys
Shoes - H&M (old)

Love this man!

Looking to see if a bird was going to plop on my head!
Much Love

Lifestyle | A Classic Duo

Tuesday, 13 October 2015 | No comments

Earlier this month Mr C and I went along to our local classic car festival. I quite enjoy looking at classic cars and imagining what sort of people drove them, were they off to go and meet a wife, husband, friend, go dancing or just showing off in their glorious vehicles!

Love this real Little Tikes car!

A classic Morris Minor

Mr C wanted to get in on the OOTD action so here he is! We didn't realise it would be so warm, the sky was grey when we left and then like magic from behind the clouds the sun appeared!

Jumper - Gap
T- Shirt - Gap
Jeans - Gap
Trainers - Nike Air Max

Of course we couldn't resist a bit of cake!

I decided to wear this cardigan, I bought it sometime last year from Ebay purely because it has an N on it! I also dusted off my jeans and put them on, I really need to find a new belt though, this one I'm wearing is bulky and gives me a strange lump on my stomach!

Cardigan - New Look via Ebay
T-Shirt - Primark
Jeans - New Look
Shoes - Primark
Much Love

Style | Junarose Stripes

Saturday, 10 October 2015 | 3 comments


I was just casually looking at Instagram one evening when I saw a picture of Rachel wearing a gorgeous striped dress from Junarose via Simply Be. I had been wanting something similar for a long time so I immediately went ahead and ordered it. I had it planned in my head that I would wear it for UKPSFW and luckily it arrived just in time!

The material feels almost like scuba when you first touch it, I was a little unsure at first and almost started to pack it up ready to return. I then decided to leave it on and wander around the house to see how comfortable it was and then found myself not wanting to take it off!
Action Shot!


I teamed it with my sleeveless jacket from Lovedrobe*, an old scarf and some comfy boots to make a casual but comfortable outfit, perfect for a day out!
Dress - Junarose Via Simply Be
Tights - Evans
Boots - Dorothy Perkins
Jacket - Lovedrobe
Scarf - Primark
Bag - Kate Spade
Much Love

Style | Denim Day to Night with New Look

Tuesday, 6 October 2015 | 1 comment

I know so many people have said this already but, Hello Autumn! It is one of my favourite seasons, there is something about beautiful colours, getting cosy at home and the countdown to Christmas!

I have been looking forward to wearing jeans again and these ones from New Look are a welcome addition to my denim collection. They are the High Waisted Super Soft Skinny Jeans* in a size
 24. I'm already a fan of the jeans from New Look, I already have these ones. The high waisted jeans are perfect if, like me you have a ''bum shelf''! Regular jeans just sit awkwardly and almost always end up sliding down my backside even with a belt holding them in place! They are slightly too long for me but I just roll them up to get the right length. Last of all can we just talk about the colour! Not your usual denim wash but more like a cerulean blue, it does look quite bright at first but with right pieces it really brightens up a dull day!

Taking it from Day to Night

For the evening I switched my coatigan for a sleeveless jacket, wedge heels and a red lip! I didn't add any accessories as I didn't want to take the attention away from the vibrancy of the jeans.

Come on Mr C, time for dinner!
Jeans - New Look*
Vest Top - Debenhams(old)
Coatigan - New Look (Old)
Flats -Primark (old)
Heels - Primark (old)
Much Love
* Item gifted for review but all opinions are my own*

Lifestyle | Black Gold Sun

Friday, 2 October 2015 | 2 comments

I'm trying to make the most of the warm weather before winter finally settles in. Autumn is my favourite season, I love seeing the trees changing colour, the flowers making their final appearance and beautiful sunny days.
Mr C and I took a trip to Stowe Gardens a few weekends back. I spend so much time during the week sat at my desk and then driving home so it's really nice to get out at the weekend.

This is what I wore. I did go out with the intention of taking outfit photos so this is not something that I would usually wear to out walking around stately homes and gardens!

Shirt Dress - New Look (old)
Leggings - Sainsburys
Shoes - Primark (old)
Necklace -Elvi (old)

I think this is the most comfortable outfit I own. I rarely wear all black so this was nice change for me. I'm hoping that I can find a nice jacket and some boots to take this outfit into the winter months!

Mr C took all these photos, I think he really captured how beautiful it was that day!
Much Love