Lifestyle | An Autumn Day Out

Mr C and I had a random Saturday morning. We were bored inside and the day was just starting to brighten up so we thought why not go out, get some fresh air and enjoy the sunshine!

Shall we live here Mr C!?!

This was such a peaceful place!

A tree struck by lightning

I wore this denim look dress from Forever 21. It is so comfortable, I feel like I'm going to get a lot of wear out of this, not just in winter but in all seasons.
Dress - Forever 21 (not on the website)
Leggings -Sainsburys
Shoes - H&M (old)

Love this man!

Looking to see if a bird was going to plop on my head!
Much Love


  1. I love that shirt on you! I've never seen a tree that has been hit by lightning before. xx


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