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Sunday, 29 November 2015 | No comments


So many things have happened recently which have made me question where I am right now in life and what I want to be doing. Friday the 13th news about innocent lives being taken left me feeling shocked to the core. Then closer to home an old neighbour recently had a serious stroke and after visiting him in hospital made me realise how quickly your life can be changed in a short space of time.

 I do tend to procrastinate over things, I'm beginning to think that sometimes I just have to go with the flow, enjoy life. I recently put myself forward for the Navabi Blog Awards, I don't know why and a few seconds afterwards I wished I hadn't done it, worried that I wasn't good enough or I was embarrassing myself because I'm a small fish in amongst a sea of big ones. Now, I'm glad I did, even though I know I won't win I'm glad I entered, I'm proud of my blog and happy where it is right now. I might not have all the newest things to share but I always write from the heart and share stuff that I am happy with.

I know this is a really random post, I was originally going to write about this outfit and then I felt like I wanted to get a few things out of my head and onto paper. I'm not the best at getting my thoughts and feelings across by writing, I have tons of things swimming around in my head that I think, yes, that would make a good post and it doesn't quite come out how I want it to. This is one thing that I am going to work on in the New Year so expect to see a few more written posts from me!

This was just a quick outfit I wore a few weeks ago, I'm wearing stripes, showing my knock knees and I got a ton of fluff in my hair from the hat but, I felt good, I felt happy and thankful to see another day.

Much Love

If you need to talk to someone this link will take you to the NHS Helpline numbers. Please look after yourselves and those around you.

Style | The Wrong Trousers

Thursday, 26 November 2015 | 1 comment


Do you ever buy items of clothing that looked amazing in the pictures online so you open your purse, get the card out and buy it. Then it arrives, get excited, open up the package, try it on and then you're like, ummmmm.

When I first tried these on Mr C asked me if I had bought some new Pyjamas! It was far too late to return so I had to try and figure out a way of making them work before I decided to sell them or not!

Jacket - Lovedrobe
Top - Taking Shape
Trousers - ASOS Curve (old)
Shoes - Primark
What do you think, keep or sell!?
Much Love

Style | Brand Focus- GAP

Tuesday, 24 November 2015 | 1 comment


I recently went to GAP to have a look around and ended up coming out with a few items! It's not always my first place to go to for clothes, it can be very hit and miss, the trousers don't fit me at all and jackets won't go anywhere past my elbows!

This time I did  notice that there were a few tops in XXL which I've never seen before. In terms of sizing I would say that this would fit a size 22 (top), they are not very loose but they are very comfortable and sit nicely across my hips. I find that GAP t-shirts last for a long time, they wash well and don't lose shape.

This cardigan is an XL, it does look really small in the pictures (and in real life) but it is super stretchy. I can't button it up fully but, I don't tend to button any cardigans so this doesn't bother me. Once again the material is good quality and, like my other cardigans from GAP, I'm pretty sure that this one will last a long time as well!

Grey and White version of the white t-shirt at the top.

I couldn't just walk away with one cardigan! I just love to chuck them on over a summer top and dress to take me through to winter. This one is a fine knit and will need a few layers underneath when it gets really cold. This is a size L and is the perfect fit for me. This is the thing that I really like about GAP, it's always worth just going in, trying a few things, the sizing is so varied through the store, apart from the jeans, they don't even go past my knees!

I've already worn a few of the items so I will be doing a post very soon.
Have you ever shopped in GAP?
Much Love

Beauty | My Top 5 Beauty Essentials

Saturday, 14 November 2015 | 2 comments


I really enjoy reading beauty essentials/must have posts, sometimes for recommendations and sometimes just to be nosey! These are my current top 5 beauty essentials.

I purchased this lip balm whilst I was on holiday back in June. I'm not entirely sure if this is sold in the UK.
The consistency is thicker than the other baby lips that I have tried so it feels more moisturising. I tend to use it first thing in the morning and also before using any lipsticks. I am a fan of the Maybelline Baby Lips, they are small enough to pop in your bag or pocket and leave my lips feeling so smooth.

I love this stuff! My skin has improved so much since using it. I almost gave up at first, the Effaclar Duo really made my face sting for a few days, it was like I had been stung by a dozen bees all over my face! It is worth persevering though as my skin is now the best it's ever been!

I featured this in my Lush hair care post a few weeks ago. I already know that once I have finished it I will definitely be buying it again. My hair has never felt better since I started using it. If you have really really dry hair then I highly recommend it!

 Perfumes are an essential for me as I wear it every day. This one is a favourite of mine, it's quite strong, probably the kind of scent that most people would wear at night time but, one quick spritz is perfect for me during the day. I got a sample of it about a year ago and then on my birthday this year Mr C kindly got me a bottle as a gift.
I use body lotion every day, if I don't I get really dry and itchy skin. I had been using the Jergens lotion which was ok but as the weather gets cooler I switched back to this one which is a favourite of mine.

So there is a round up of my favourites, let me know what yours are!
Much Love

Style | Saturday Stripes

Thursday, 12 November 2015 | 2 comments

As soon as I saw there was a sale on ASOS Curve I was at my laptop faster than Usain Bolt. Unfortunately, the first few pages didn't excite me at all and I was almost going to give up until I saw this striped wonder!

It's another Junarose addition to my wardrobe, I just couldn't resist. After buying this dress I knew that it would go straight into my basket! I find the quality of Junarose items fantastic, you really get well made, comfortable and stylish pieces that are definitely worth the money.

I got this in a size 24, I could have sized down but I like the loose casual look that I get when I'm wearing it.

Back of top
Have you bought any Junarose pieces recently?
Much Love

Style | Country Style

Tuesday, 10 November 2015 | 1 comment

You may well see this background in quite a few of my pictures, at least until I tire of it or its get too muddy to walk on. There is something about looking at the greenery that I find soothing, I could stand for hours and just watch and think.

 This is a quick outfit I put together one weekend, I just wanted something comfortable and easy to wear whilst shopping. I bought this shirt a few weeks ago in the sale. I love wearing shirts but finding ones that don't burst open over my chest is proving very difficult. This one is not perfect, you can see it straining slightly but, I love the colour and the soft material so I can put up with having to adjust it.
Shirt - New Look (Sale)
Coatigan - New Look (old)
Jeans - New Look
Shoes - H&M

I added this statement necklace* to add some interest to the shirt. The colours are simple but the design and pattern make it stand out.  The picture below shows the colour and detail of the necklace.

Much Love
*gifted item but all opinions are my own*

Style | Autumn

Saturday, 7 November 2015 | 1 comment

Mr C and I have definitely been making the most of our national trust cards over the last few weeks. It's just so nice to spend a few hours relaxing with no phones, internet or stress! This time we went to Claydon House which is based just outside Buckingham. You can have a look around the house which is absolutely beautiful, the wood carvings and d├ęcor are breath taking. Unfortunately they have a no photography policy which was a shame as I really wanted to film the talking pictures, yep, talking pictures that tell you about different people that lived there.

I decided to wear my new jacket, I first saw this on Becky's blog and loved it. The pattern is not something that I would normally wear but I'm glad I bought it. I would say it fits true to size, this is a 22 and was really comfortable all day. The only bad thing is that the pockets were sewn up, which I find really annoying, I just got some nail scissors and opened them up!

Jacket - JD Williams
Scarf - Boutique
T-Shirt - New Look (Old)
Jeans - New Look
Bag - Kate Spade


I had to change my shoes to walk around as my feet got rather wet in my Primark flats but, I soon perked up when I saw a huge door in my favourite colour!
Much Love
*Thank you to Mr C for taking some lovely photos!*

Beauty | Autumn Nails

Thursday, 5 November 2015 | 2 comments


You may have noticed that I'm head over heels with Autumn this year. There have been so many beautiful balmy days, I don't want winter to arrive!

I decided to incorporate my favourite season into my beauty routine by using some new nail items that were kindly sent to me by They only sell 100% genuine products sourced directly from brands, no cheap fakes or dodgy grey market stock. They have a fast dispatch service, if you order before 2pm Monday to Friday the products will dispatched same day.
There are currently over 1,000 colours and 100 treatments available in stock and they are always adding exciting new products, brands and collections.

For this look I used the stamping nail art set. This one is by Moyou and it's a tropical set. It is definitely more of a summer theme but there are a few leaf prints, perfect for the look I wanted to achieve! The stamp is really easy to use, cover the print with nail polish, scrape the excess, press the stamp onto it and then roll gently onto your nails!


Products used:
Elegant Touch Base Coat*
Collection Polish in Peacock Green
Nail Art Kit by Moyou*
 OPI Polish in My Favourite Ornament
I was also gifted this beautiful sparkly polish - Minnie Style. I will be doing a couple more posts with different looks using these polishes over the next couple of weeks! More Christmas themed, is it too early to say that word yet? Nope!

Much Love

*Items gifted for review but all opinions are my own*

Style | Something Old

Tuesday, 3 November 2015 | No comments


With a wedding and other stuff to save up for I have been trying my best dig deep in the back of my wardrobe and wear items that have been long forgotten about.

This maxi skirt hasn't technically been in my wardrobe but with my mum for the last 5-6 months! It was so long when I bought it that it still scraped along the floor even when it was pulled up to the bottom of my bra! I finally got it back a few weeks ago, a good few inches shorter and ready to wear!

Jacket- F21(Old)
Vest Top - New Look(old)
Skirt - ASOS (old)
Shoes - H&M
Much Love