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I recently went to GAP to have a look around and ended up coming out with a few items! It's not always my first place to go to for clothes, it can be very hit and miss, the trousers don't fit me at all and jackets won't go anywhere past my elbows!

This time I did  notice that there were a few tops in XXL which I've never seen before. In terms of sizing I would say that this would fit a size 22 (top), they are not very loose but they are very comfortable and sit nicely across my hips. I find that GAP t-shirts last for a long time, they wash well and don't lose shape.

This cardigan is an XL, it does look really small in the pictures (and in real life) but it is super stretchy. I can't button it up fully but, I don't tend to button any cardigans so this doesn't bother me. Once again the material is good quality and, like my other cardigans from GAP, I'm pretty sure that this one will last a long time as well!

Grey and White version of the white t-shirt at the top.

I couldn't just walk away with one cardigan! I just love to chuck them on over a summer top and dress to take me through to winter. This one is a fine knit and will need a few layers underneath when it gets really cold. This is a size L and is the perfect fit for me. This is the thing that I really like about GAP, it's always worth just going in, trying a few things, the sizing is so varied through the store, apart from the jeans, they don't even go past my knees!

I've already worn a few of the items so I will be doing a post very soon.
Have you ever shopped in GAP?
Much Love


  1. Nice jacket :)
    Maria V.


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