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Do you ever buy items of clothing that looked amazing in the pictures online so you open your purse, get the card out and buy it. Then it arrives, get excited, open up the package, try it on and then you're like, ummmmm.

When I first tried these on Mr C asked me if I had bought some new Pyjamas! It was far too late to return so I had to try and figure out a way of making them work before I decided to sell them or not!

Jacket - Lovedrobe
Top - Taking Shape
Trousers - ASOS Curve (old)
Shoes - Primark
What do you think, keep or sell!?
Much Love


  1. I actually love these - the cut looks splendid and they'd be great for the office. I suppose the real question is, do you feel happy with them? If not, sell them on!

    C xx


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