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I've been reading a few Christmas tags this December but some of the questions I couldn't really get the right answers for a few of the questions so, I have mixed questions from Christmas Tags and the Winterlicious Tag!

Favourite Winter Lip Product

This has saved my sore, dry lips this winter. This is at the top of my US shopping wishlist!

Most Worn Clothing Item in December

I absolutely love this dress from Junarose, it's definitely my go to weekend outfit!
Most Worn Accessory

To cover bad hair days and to keep me warm
Favourite Christmas Song
Elton John - Step into Christmas!
As soon as I hear this song I know Christmas is on the way.
Favourite Christmas Film
 I had trouble deciding on just one so I'm going to say Home Alone 2 and The Holiday!
What are your plans for Christmas?
These pictures pretty much sum up my Christmas day but with more people of course!

White or Coloured Lights?
White Lights!
Do you like to stay in your PJs or get dressed up?
I like to put on something nice for Christmas, last year I wore this Pink Clove dress which was so comfortable especially after a day of food and drink! The slippers were required to finish the outfit!

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