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Beauty | Make Up/Beauty prodcuts to be used in 2016

Hi!   As part of my goals for 2016, I want to start using up more of the make up that I have and not buy anymore until I have got through a substantial amount of my stash. Unfortunately, watching YouTube and reading blogs makes is easy to be sucked into purchasing the latest product or give into the hype for an amazing Nars concealer (been there done that!). This is my selection at the moment, I might add more to it or I might take some away! You may notice that there are some items in there that were in my use 10 by Christmas Eve video, the challenge that I failed at completing! I will be doing an update in a few weeks and some reviews on products that I have really liked.   Much Love   Natalie   x   

Lifestyle | A few things from TK Maxx

Hi! I'm pretty sure that I have written a few times about TK Maxx and how I never come out of there empty handed! First of all I got this notebook, diary and weekly planner. I do not need another notebook, seriously, as I'm writing this post I can see two that I haven't even used and one that is not yet full but, hey, I'm a sucker for a nice looking notepad. Next were these pair of slippers, they were just too nice to resist and I really needed a new pair, honestly. I would gladly run up the stairs to have a wander around the homeware in TK Maxx, they have so many unusual items. I saw this candle holder in the clearance section, I knew that there was the perfect spot at home for it to go. The espresso cups are definitely for Mr C as I don't drink coffee and last of all this candle, the design alone got me but it also smells very spicy and warm, perfect for winter.   They also had a good selection of Ciate nail polishes and Nars

Lifestyle | Why

  Hi So, let me set the scene - I'm sat in my chair, getting cosy, sipping my drink, rip open my wedding magazine ready to fill my head with ideas and then bam, from in between the magazine and free planner falls a sample of a lighter life shake.    I'm sat there in disbelief and shock, an actual diet product is sat in my lap. Why oh why assume that every woman wants to lose weight for their wedding? Not all of us do. I've already been struggling with thoughts in my head about losing weight for our wedding, the pressure of people asking 'when are you going to start the diet?', the lack of plus size wedding dress choices and not one plus size bridal magazine makes me feel like an oddball when I shouldn't. January diet pressure coming into full force one again, you can't really get away from it at this time of year, adverts in amongst your favourite TV shows, in all the trashy magazines. I'm not against people wanting to lose weight, you do

Lifestyle | 10 Goals for 2016

  Hi!   When Leah put a post on Instagram about doing a video or post of 2016 goals, I thought it would be a great idea.   Until 2013/2014 I always made resolutions, one of them was always to start a diet or lose weight. I've always believed that's why dieting never worked with me and also why I failed with the rest of my resolutions.   So, here are my goals for 2016:   1. Read more - I used to love reading, I would always be found with a book in my hand, over breakfast, in my lunch break and at night before bed. I'm going to aim for 6 books in the year, it doesn't sound like much but this is an achievable goal for me personally     2. Practice more self care - I can't remember the last time I had a good long soak, put on a face mask, gave myself a nice manicure and a really good pamper session so, I've decided that this will be part of my self care routine for 2016 along with reading more and walking more!     3. Walk More - I