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When Leah put a post on Instagram about doing a video or post of 2016 goals, I thought it would be a great idea.
Until 2013/2014 I always made resolutions, one of them was always to start a diet or lose weight. I've always believed that's why dieting never worked with me and also why I failed with the rest of my resolutions.
So, here are my goals for 2016:
1. Read more - I used to love reading, I would always be found with a book in my hand, over breakfast, in my lunch break and at night before bed. I'm going to aim for 6 books in the year, it doesn't sound like much but this is an achievable goal for me personally

2. Practice more self care - I can't remember the last time I had a good long soak, put on a face mask, gave myself a nice manicure and a really good pamper session so, I've decided that this will be part of my self care routine for 2016 along with reading more and walking more!

3. Walk More - I have to walk more in my new work role and I've been enjoying it. I always find that it's a good way to clear my head, think of new ideas and refresh me for the afternoon. Mr C is a great lover of walking so it will be nice to visit some more National Trust places with walking routes and do some at the weekends too!
4. Blogging - I really want to try to update my site this year and I would love to be able to do most of it myself so, I'm going to set myself a personal target each month of learning some bits of coding to hopefully improve the look of my blog!
5. Social Anxiety - This is something that I have struggled with all my life. Some days I'm fine, I'll go out on my own, chat to people, go to events and then I will have a bad week where I can't even go to do the food shop on my own and I don't want to talk to anyone that I don't know for fear of making a fool of myself.  I'm hoping to go to more events this year, to try and push myself out of my comfort zone and talk to people more. I'm scared that my quietness comes across as being rude, which it isn't at all!
6. Get organised - By this I mean sort out my wardrobe and make up! I have so much stuff so this year is the time for a good old tidy up. I've thought about not buying any new clothes for a few months until I get rid of some of the old items.
7.  Travel - I know that we won't be going abroad this year as we will be saving up for the wedding and honeymoon next year so, this year I would love to visit a few more places in the UK, if you have recommendations please let me know, I do like to see the seaside!

8. Use my make up stash - My next aim is to use up a lot of my make up stash this year. I will probably be blogging about some of the products and maybe doing one or two looks on my YouTube channel.

9. Cook More - We have so many cookbooks at home, some of which have probably never been used! This is more of a joint goal with Mr C to try and make more homemade meals, it's easy to become stuck in a rut with food especially when you don't have much time after work or get into a rut with the same meals
10. Plan an awesome wedding for myself and Mr C in November!


I will be breaking down the goals into smaller ''tasks'' for each month so, each month I will set myself 4/5 mini goals that tie in with my main goals, hope that all makes sense! It's one of the ways I know I achieve my goals! So, for January my 'mini' goals are:

1. Organise our home paperwork
2. Try a new recipe
3. Wear a different make up item each day for a week
4. Start wedding planning!
5. Start my first book!
What are your goals for 2016?
Much love


  1. Super excited to hear about all your wedding plans!! I also thinking reading more is a great idea - it's one of my goals for this year too.

    I also love walking, although currently being on crutches means that I'm quite slow. Perhaps we could, if you don't mind being a cripple, meet at Blenheim for a walk and some picture taking soon?

    C xx


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