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I'm pretty sure that I have written a few times about TK Maxx and how I never come out of there empty handed!

First of all I got this notebook, diary and weekly planner. I do not need another notebook, seriously, as I'm writing this post I can see two that I haven't even used and one that is not yet full but, hey, I'm a sucker for a nice looking notepad.

Next were these pair of slippers, they were just too nice to resist and I really needed a new pair, honestly.

I would gladly run up the stairs to have a wander around the homeware in TK Maxx, they have so many unusual items. I saw this candle holder in the clearance section, I knew that there was the perfect spot at home for it to go. The espresso cups are definitely for Mr C as I don't drink coffee and last of all this candle, the design alone got me but it also smells very spicy and warm, perfect for winter.


They also had a good selection of Ciate nail polishes and Nars products so if you like either of those get yourself to your nearest store.

I have now banned myself from going to TK Maxx for awhile but lets see how long that lasts hey!

Much Love


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