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Every Saturday in February I'm going to be doing collab posts with the lovely Lottie! Today is the first one and it's all about my current favourite make up items.

One of my goals for the year was to try and use up more of my make up. It's very easy when reading other blogs and watching YouTube videos to get caught up in the hype of the latest product and then ta da, there it is in my drawer!

I have been wearing a bit of make up every day since the beginning the of January and its going really well so far, how long it will last I don't know!

Of course I had to include my two absolute favourite products, the Nars concealer and the Anastasia Brow Wiz, these are definitely two products that lived up to my expectations. If you want your concealer and brows to stay in place all day I highly recommend both.

The dream matte mousse has been sat in my drawer for months, I decided to use it one Saturday to find out if there was a reason I hadn't been using it. It's on this post because I had forgotten how good it is! It gives really good coverage even after one layer, it doesn't feel heavy on the skin and lasts (almost) all day. You can get away using this without any concealer as well.

These two are my favourite lip combo at the moment, the Kiko lip marker is awful on its on own but add a nice red lipstick over the top and it works. The lipstick was a free sample from a magazine and it's a beautiful red colour. I always find it hard to pick out a really good red lipstick so I was slightly dubious when I first put this on, but, after munching on a sandwich and a snickers it was still there, a definite repurchase when this runs out.

This NYX butter gloss was part of a set that I got last year whilst on holiday. This colour is Tirumasu and it's looks quite pink here which made me initially think it would look awful on me, however a small amount gives a really nice nude look on my lips. I did try a thicker layer and well, frankly I looked ridiculous!

I've also been using the They're real mascara by Benefit. I tried this a couple of times before and dismissed it at first but after giving it another go I really like it now, it's subtle enough for the day but two or three coats gives some extra ommph for an evening look!

Those are all my favourites, do you have any recommendations? Don't forget to check out Lotties post too!

Much Love


  1. Some great products. I really want to try the anistasia brow products they look great. Looking forward to seeing the others posts you do with lottie x

  2. Great collab! Agree how hard is it to use up make up though? I actually finished an eyeshadow stick the other day and declared it was the first eyeshadow I have ever finished!
    Love, Lucy
    Lucy Loves


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