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Today is the second instalment of my collab with Lottie, you can read her first post here.

I have quite hair care favourites at the moment. I haven't relaxed my hair for over 3 months and it's quite unruly at the moment so, until I get it sorted out, here is what I've been using to try and control it!

I ran out of my favourite hair treatment, H'suan wen hua from Lush before Christmas and I really noticed a difference with my hair, it got dry again so, as soon as I got near a Lush store I had to stock up. It is my favourite hair treatment ever, if you have super dry, coarse hair then give this a go. To wash it out I use the Schwarzkopf shampoo, its from the pound shop and I have been using it for years, it smells so good and it leaves my hair feeling soft and not so knotty.

When I discovered Palmers did a hair care range I was like, hmm I need to try this, that was over a  year ago and I'm still loving it now. It has made such a difference to the condition of my hair and helped with it's growth. I'm not sure if I have mentioned this before but I have about a 3 inch patch of hair that doesn't grow thanks to a dodgy relaxer many, many years ago. I think that was the last time I went to a salon to get my hair done, my lovely mum does my hair at home now, thanks Mum!
I use the spray oil on wet hair before I dry it and it just adds some much needed moisture into my hair without being too greasy or oily. I also spray it on my scalp a few days before I wash my hair and massage it in to get the blood flowing and hopefully help my hair growth!

The Denman brush, worth all of the £8 I spent on it, glides through my mane like skis on snow! The bristles are quite long and made of a sturdy plastic so, if you have thick hair this is ideal, I can't tell you how many times I've broken a hairbrush whilst trying to get it through my hair!

I don't really use straighteners that much but as I'm having a break from relaxing my hair these are getting a lot of use at the moment. I was always loyal to using my GHDs, but after my last set packed up I decided they were too expensive to re-purchase. I decided to try and find some other ones just as good. These Tresemme ones were from Superdrug and were around £30. I'm never a fan of hair care items with so called built in conditioners etc but I have been pleasantly surprised by these. I dry my hair, spray on some oil, then a small amount of the heat protector and then straighten in small sections all over my head, I then pop on some of my palmers gro therapy and just run the straighteners through again. This lasts all week for me which is perfect!

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