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I have to say I'm fully aboard the Lush train at the moment. I never used to be a fan of the products, I remember throwing a box of bath bombs I received as a gift in the bin (this was quite a few years ago) because the combo of the smells made me feel nauseous!
Fast forward a few years and I've got caught up in all the hype! Recently I picked up a few new items all of which I will be reviewing over the next few weeks. First up is this foot scrub.

I'm still on the quest for a really good scrub for my feet, I've lost count of how many products I've tried. I've found a really good cream, soap and glory foot scream, works a treat on really dry feet.
Before I even got a chance to try it Mr C decided his feet were dry and in need of some attention, he must of caught me on a good day as I happily obliged to giving his big old feet a good scrub!

To use it, you just dip it in some water and then scrub away. As I started to use it I was sceptical about it working on my feet, they are very dry compared to Mr Cs. His feet are only slightly dry and this worked well, you do have to keep it wet to make sure it works well. It does have a lovely orange scent to it which lingers on even after you have finished using the scrub.
I did ask Mr C to try it on my feet and as I suspected it wasn't enough to get rid of the dry skin but, I did use it with another product which I will blog about in another post and the two combined together worked like a dream! I would use this a lot in the summer though when my feet get hot and sticky, the scent is so nice and it left my feet feeling refreshed.
Much Love


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